Auctoria - Why is it restricted?


Appears on Section Map as open to anyone, but I get warped out when I go in and it says it’s restricted to LoT. They do happen to have all of the common resources as well.

So do they get 5 days of restricted PvE time for themselves? Or is this a glitch?

I dont know what this is about. I am trying to get Rex to change some things about it, it is not even the right biome yet, so will be wiping completely when that gets corrected. We are basically in a holding pattern until that point. Also we didnt even have access to autominers until yesterday, and still have none down. So dont get your knickers in a twist. Its just a waste of space til it gets fixed.
But ya it is not supposed to be restricted either.

Do you mind if I rename this thread so that the name of my planet is not a reserved thread name for this question?

There renamed it.

thanks. I know it seems silly, but I just see it being an issue shortly once we finally get it sorted out and start up the new thread.

Hey Mcprouty,

If has all the common resources, but is restricted to LoT that’s an unfair play advantage. I’ve heard you’ve had problems with auto miners and such, but that doesn’t stop people from farming autominers and allowing LoT to have protected access to all common resources.

Holding pattern or not, perception wise it appears to be a glitch or a temporary advantage for LoT.

Yeah, I don’t ind renaming it, not a big deal.

Well Id be happy to cruise the surface on the stream today and show you that we literally have none down. It is not an advantage. It is a massive problem, because I am trying to put a lot of work into making this event planet, and its not even the right planet yet lol.

Well, I don’t doubt it, but that won’t change other people’s perception who try and scope it out… ya know?

Sorry guys, every time after such a big update + new universe I just try as good as I can to finish everything just in time but even if I work 18 hours a day for it, can’t be fast enough.
Some people have sadly to wait. I’m on it now along the NPC Trader

How is it that a planet can have almost all resources and still be faction restricted? On top of that it’s set to have flipped to PVP but didn’t. All the benefits of 5.0 donor planet with none of the drawbacks.

How can I get in on that?

Simply closing posts wont make this issue go away.

Either LoT knew Auctoria was bugged giving their donor planet an unfair amount
of resources and said nothing. Or some shady shit is going on?

This issue need a definitive answer from admins not just close the topic.

The one thing i can promise is that nothing ‘Shady’ is going on.

We don’t make ANY exceptions which i’m sure you know if you thought about it a little more :slight_smile:

lets just say it as it is, We made a mistake, The faction had a golden ticket and lets be honest, Its not an exploit but Admin error…So why would they be in a hurry to hand the golden ticket back in lol.

the outcome is now all resolved and if in the future we make mistakes and players knowingly withhold telling us we will act on that. Benefit of the doubt here, There is no past mis-conduct so all parties are innocent and its just a human error.

it wont happen again i can assure you :wink:

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It was open for a few days, and then it got locked again so I’m inclined to believe it was a simple setup error.

Just wanted clarification. So it should be fixed I’m guessing. Thank you @Achilles

Actually Achilles, we were not aware that it was set back to private until I jumped in voice chat to help a guy who got stranded because of being warped off the planet earlier today (was streaming at the time, btw). That is when I brought it to hopskotches attention, and he fixed it back to public. AGAIN. As it was meant to be. And for all those who keep crying that it gives us an unfair advantage: go look on the planet. See if you see anything other than one base with a simple constructor and a turret. No autominers. Nothing. We are waiting on the biome to get fixed. So calm down and quit slinging accusations. We already went through this with ranzeth.

not telling achilles to calm down, I apologize for the wording. Meant for everyone in general, particularly those under the impression that this was intentional, to stop jumping to that conclusion. I set up this planet to be an event planet for the server. Or atleast I am trying to. Not to get rich, game the system, or anything of the sort.

And once again - just listen to me. When I say I hadn’t time yet to finish the planet then that is it.
I will make it ready now and with the next restart it is how it is communicated with mcprouty.

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