Auto Mine

since version 5.1 automine command am:get:all does not work. so only the first res will be collected, and not delete from the am server config.

I only have iron and gold in the auto miner config.

thx for your help

Hey thanks a lot for the inof. You are the second. Even though I did not find any problem last time I will now look in detail into it. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi Jascha,
do you need any more information ? Log files or config files ?
Please let me know

Thanks I think I have to test it first myselve. I got already logs but could not see anything.

But can you send me a screenshot of the Autominer list of such a player. Maybe I can see something from the values there

here we go, if you need more let me lknow

So if I get it right:

  • He is mining, so the values are increasing.
  • But am:get:all does only give the first ore, in your case Iron, but does not take it from autominer… so you get unlimited ore?
  • What if you use am:get:go:100 directly?
    I ncould not reproduce it. Maybe send me your logs please, or better:
    Go to config, enable under Features “Telnet log” and then do the am:get:all. then wait 30 seconds and turn telnet log off. then send me the logs.
    And also send me the Telnet.txt file he will create


i did am:get:go:20
and i got 20 gold, but the 20 gold are still in the miner.

did also am:get:all
got iron bit no gold

Telnet.txt (503 Bytes)

Thanks. Important would be the log.txt still

log.txt (39.0 KB)

hm ok I can see the error.
The Mod seems to work not right.

You have 5.1/5.1.1 Game verison installed or?
Did you get any message when starting the tool that you should stop server and restart tool to apply the update?
If so or in general please stop the server. Then restart the tool, then start the server and try again.
I guess he has an old Mod installed.

Version 5.1.1
build 816

i did a restart of the tool and the server here are the logs

Telnet.txt (1.1 KB)

Log.txt (85.8 KB)

Ok thanks. just do the am:get:all again and if it still does not work send the logs again

still the same prob

Telnet.txt (5.1 KB)
Log.txt (126.6 KB)

Was fixed in new Version 1.31.1
See Infos here:

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