Auto Miner is gone Removing it from the Map

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What happened: i am getting these messages on the mapped miners when i approach and the T3 Miners are gone I set out approx 15 on HQ and 15 on Mars X Cant get to Mars yet to check
**Player(s) with issue:**Me
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 2:15 CET
Playfield: HQ
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: i would like to get my Autominers back (replaced where i left them) with their content as they all ran out of full Fusion Cell loads and i have lost a lot of resources

Why arent Autominers removed from game if they are that buggy ? They are totally useless right now but i was told they would not get removed this time except starter surface wipe on starters

same happened to me, did I do something wrong?


i checked on Freelancer HQ and i found 2 prom T3 miners gone in the rad field with 3 prom deposits. A nearby silicon T3 i set up at the same time contained stacks so did a “misplaced” T3 in the prom field that mined iron although i wanted prom. The survivors i set up in the same time as thegone missing T3s ran out of fuel as it was some time ago

So it looks like the prom T3s are affected but that was the majority i set out on Freelancer HQ as understandably i prefer prom over the basics

several other players reporting T3 Miners gone now, also on Eden for instance.

i found one out of 3 T3 autominers on prom survived of the ones i visited. The others i havent checked

One on silicon also gone so it is NOT only prom affected

Yea yeah, they have said its because “ground wipe”. It happens every friday. I did not know that. I have lost 3 miners too. They can give somekind headsup atleast i guess? Not a starter friendly eh? I am playing this game like a week and this is my first server. I can understand that game is so broken they cant help you with that but with all that server related stuff should be in warning. Instead things bout taxes in every 30 sec…

Sorry, we can’t spam every rule on global every minute. We already get enough complaints; yet without them, people claim “they never knew about taxes…”

Please take some time to familiarize with the guide:

It’s packed with everything you need to know, and will maximize your HWS experience…but we cannot spam it all on global…

Planet information also tells you if planets wipe. Cb:nextwipe will tell you when the next wipe occurs. Etc etc.

it should appear here? HWS Resets, Wipes & Settings
or where? I tought I already read the full guide, and still don’t know too many basic things for the game, I just lost like half my money on autominers

Correct, right there.

Autominers are placable devices.

i was told only starters have surface wipes. This happened to me on Freelancer HQ and only partial, as far as i checked (did most) 7 T3s vanished and about 7 or 8 remained. My water generators were still there. So it wssnt a full wipe.

However isnt it possible to collect the placeables and have a place where you can collect your lost devices? Preferable with what was in it? Th generators are inexpensive (but i didnt liked it when i lost a farm of 60 H2 generators seasons ago) but the T1-T3 autominers (especially the T3) do cost quite a bit.

Sure, just pick them up before the deposit wipe / terrain wipe and you are good to go. Only happen once per week. SHIFT + F to pick them up

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