HWS Resets, Wipes & Settings



The servers must be completely wiped periodically and all players start over again on HWS because Empyrion is currently in alpha development. Eleon (developers of Empyrion) release major patches roughly 1 to 2 times a year.

In addition, HWS has implemented Seasons - these last approximately 90-days (3-months). However, the length of seasons may vary (shorter or longer) – such as when Eleon releases a major version update, or a very critical patch is needed between major releases.

Complete server wipes normally have a major impact on players due to loss of all progress. This is true of all servers, including HWS. However, we here at HWS have created and implemented several unique features that set HWS apart from the typical server setup. Three (3) of these unique features allow players to retain much of their hard won progress across wipes, these are:

        1) **Elemental Bank:**  Retain various amounts of HWS Credits across wipes
        2) **Orbital Cargo Drone:**  Retain various types and amounts of ores, blocks, parts, ammo, etc.
        3) **Orbital AutoMiners:**  Produce and store various types and amounts of Ores

Our commitment to players – we will only wipe servers when it’s completely necessary, or when a season ends and a new season begins.

Our reasoning is simple: Server resources are finite - but the people joining the server: Infinite

Player Resets (cb:reset)

What Is Kept:

  • OCD level and contents

  • EB level (Elemental Bank)

  • EGS level

  • Reputation Points

  • OAM levels, Ores and Fuel (Orbital Autominer)

  • Credits from 250k up to 5 milion if the Elemental Bank Level is upgraded (Maximum is 100m with Supporting Us)

What Is Lost:

  • Character Level

  • Inventory

  • Ownership (private structures)

  • Faction

  • Faction Allegiance(s)

  • Origin

  • Player Credits

  • Blueprint Factory Contents

  • HWS Skill Tree Skills. These are associated with your previous character.

  • Factory resources be can transferred to the OCD with a specific Support package

Playfield Wipes (Playfield / Deposit / POI / Asteroids)

Type cb:nextwipe in the game chat to see the upcoming wipe times!

Deposits and Asteroids in some playfields will be frequently refreshed via surface wiping of the planet or space. This does not affect player structures such as CV, SV, HV (or base if located in space) . If your base is on a planet and underground, you will need to dig it out each with refresh of resources. On planet surfaces experiencing a wipe, placeable devices such as Survival Constructors or Water Generators will be wiped.

Check the forum for announcements regarding surface wipes.

While some wipes are a one-time measure to resolve an issue, other wipes are scheduled and occur on a regular basis.

One such example is Black Hole.

  • On EU, Black Hole wipes daily with the next wipe occurring at May 4, 2018 3:00 PM
  • On NA, Black Hole wipes daily with the next wipe occurring at May 4, 2018 9:00 PM

Starter Planet Wipes

Type cb:wipe in game chat to see the coming wipe day and time.

Starter Planets on HWS do not wipe nor surface wipe. However, to encourage players to advance quickly and leave - making room for new players, there is a personal wipe countdown timer applied to your structures (ships and bases). This means new players have 7 days to leave their Starter Planet / Space. Being that most players are able to leave within the first day or two, seven days is more than enough time for a player to build an escape vessel and store up resources for travel into the rest of the HWS Universe.

Full Wipes

Full server wipes are always announced at least one week prior.

What will be transferred:

  • RP earned in one season will be paid out as credits for the following season. The multiplier is 7,000.
    Example: If a player earned and has a total of 100 RP at the end of a season, they would be paid 700,000 credits the next season. This amount will be deposited into their Elemental Bank account.

  • Up to 250,000 Credits - This amount is higher if a player upgrades their Elemental Bank

  • All Ore types from the HWS Auto Miner (OAM). The OAM levels transfer as well.

  • Everything stored in the OCD*, including the OCD level.
    *This is subject to change. Always check the forum for announcements about what items in the OCD may be eliminated or reduced for the coming full server wipe and plan accordingly.

What can be transferred with the proper Support:

  • Elemental Bank Balance (up to 100 million)
  • Elemental Bank Level
  • OCD Level
  • EGS Level
  • Factory Resources (transferred into the OCD - if there is room)

What will not be transferred:

  • Completed Factory Blueprints (ships, bases)
  • Player Inventory
  • HWS Marketplace Trades
  • Player Level
  • Factions
  • Ships
  • Bases
  • OAM Fuel
  • HWS Skill Tree Skills & Skill Points
  • Fa Supply Counter (you can use fa:supply after the full wipe)

Important Server Settings

  • cb:reset: Players can cb:reset within the first 10 hours 3 times without a delay. After the first three resets or after 10 hours of play, the cooldown increases to 3 hours and 3 hours are added each subsequent time the command is used (3, 6, 9, 12 hours, etc.). This prevents starter loot farming.

  • DecayTime: 24 hours: Player-built structures without a core or which have less than 10 blocks are removed after 9 hours.

  • WipeTime: 360 hours [15 days]: Player-built structures are removed when not visited / touched for more than 2 weeks. ‘Touched’ means the player that owns the structure stands ON or IN the vehicle or base. Accessing a structure via its Control Panel or docking to an untouched CV does not qualify. The amount of time since a structure was last touched is visible on HWS Connect in the Structure Commander.

  • ProtectTime: 24 hours: Offline Protection Duration

  • ProtectDelay: 30 minutes: Half hour delay after a players logs off before Offline Protection becomes active.

  • Proximity Alarm Range: Planet: 500 meters & Space: 2000 meters

  • DSL: 60 seconds unload time | 1700m on planet | 3500m in space

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