Auto Miner?

Hey guys,

is the HWS Auto Miner included in the “free” Full Version I cant avtivate the Autominer.

Thank you!


yes it is included. You have to activate it in the Config.



that problem is, i cant activate it. Its grey :confused:

Do you have MOD connection on or off in the “Setup” tab?

Also is your exchange directory correct set in the “Setup” tab? Also the backup directory?
If no, please do so and restart the tool.

Thats my Settings:

Alright thanks.
And the provided directories there exist?

Because if not this was in previous versions the error.

Yeah all provided directories exist. But the AdminHelper shows not the players at the moment.
It playing 6 guys on my Server and only I am in the list? o:

Hm there is something wrong then I guess.
Can you drag and drop your log file from the EAH folder here please?

@Jascha will look into it then
sorry, can not upload attachments :confused: :smiley:

Okay guys. Now it works…
Chat Bot was deactivated :smiley:

aah yeah, before it was in the setup overview, sorry, forgot about it x) The auto miner needs the chatbot obviously :wink:
Cool then - have fun

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Oh, last question…

Can I see the file in which the autominer is stored? /Config/AutoMiner.XML ?

Yes htats the one :slight_smile: