Auto Miners, how do they carry over to 6.0 after wipe?

I and a few other players are trying to figure out the title without having any clear answers, thats why I making this post so the community can find some answers.

1 Will Autominers carry over with same lvl to 6.0 or will they be resetted after wipe?

2 Will resources in Autominers carry over to 6.0 or will they be resetted?

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Got you covered already:

(see Full Wipes)

Thanx Rex! Missed and found the answer:

Full Wipes
On HWS we will transfer per default:

250k Credits
all of your Ores (not fuel) from the HWS Auto Miner (+level) you had
and of course everything stored in the OCD. [can be bossted with donations7]
Everything else like blueprint factory, blueprints, inventory, level, factions, ships, bases will be wiped!

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