Auto miners removing immersion?

Hi there, I’m newish to these forums, but have been playing on your great EU server for a couple of months now.
I really enjoy the whole faction/planet structure that you have going in the server.
I also liked the AM gold-crystal setup as well. Anyhow long story short, few weeks break at crimbo, log back in and now you can AM all ores.
Please excuse my ignorance if this has been discussed before, but personally I feel that it somewhat makes it a bit too much ‘easy mode’. I know the AM doesn’t provide a great amount of ores, but with the steady drip, there doesn’t seem the need to explore or take risks anymore.

Perhaps I might be off the mark, but it would be nice to find out what others think about the current AM setup.

AM is only cheese for a few of the ultra rare ores like Erestrum and Zasc.

For everything else it’s it’s vastly inferior to a single in game autominer on the resource.

Really AM and OCD are both saftey nets to try to recover from losing everything.

Besides if you’re going to argue about “immersion” issues - I’d start with things like “respawn nearby” on death. Or looting milk from dead animals.

Really - you loot MILK from DEAD animals. Think about that…


Sorry I wasn’t meaning immersion in the sense of story and/role playing, I meant it as the current AM setup means I don’t have to go scavenging or take risks to get rare ores. Also looking on the market place it used be that you would have to make choices if you were going to buy ores (keep watch for price drops/increased supply).
Now the markets are swamped in ores as they have become plentiful.

I dont have to poop, immersion destroyed.


Really please tell me of how you are safely getting you Sathium?

Hey Toidi and welcome to HWS!

Thanks for your feedback. Well you ask for 10 opinions and you get 11 :wink:
It was already discussed and some people wanted more, some people wanted less. Depends on your playstyle.

If you are an active PvP guy the HWS AM are propably a joke.
If you are an inactive PvE guy the HWS AM are maybe a paradise.

Think about it awhile and maybe you know why it is like it is currently.

The only change which might come is a transition for Sathium. From “rare” resource to “common”.



Thanks Rexxus, it’s not as if it is a major game changer for me. Just that it detracts from my play style somewhat. I have only activated magnesium and iron, but I can just leave the rest as is and continue to enjoy the server the way I have become accustomed to playing.
See you all on EU and thanks again for a great server.

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The reason the markets are swamped with resources is because of everyone’s placed auto miners on starter worlds and moon, if those auto miners where limited to PvP planets only, the markets would be a lot more competitive then they are now.

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Also, deposits should be depleted by the autominers

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Sorry, but I have to disagree. Atleast partly. A bigger contributer to the markets being swamped at the moment is because those with a few hundred thousand credits are spending it on npc traders instead of market sales, because they can get way more for their money there. This is why we stopped posting sales. I have the feeling that will be adjusted very soon though.

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Forgot completely about npc traders… yea maybe your right, they all have and impact thou but the npc traders probibly have a much greater one.