Auto wipe command


Just want to confirm the auto wipe. The documentation states separate it with # but what name do you use? the playfield name or the name given?

Her is an extract from my yaml sectors

  • Coordinates: [77, 5, 113]
    Color: 0.04, 0.3, 0.37
    Icon: Circle
    • [‘0, 0, 0’, Alderaan Orbit, SpaceAsteroidFieldRing]
    • [‘0, 0, 0’, Alderaan, Temperate, ‘Explorer:2’]

So under the wipe parameters is it Alderaan orbit#Alderaan OR is it SpaceAsteroidFieldRing#Temperate

Under saves its the name of the system in game and not the playfield so I just want to confirm. Also spaces are allowed?

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It takes exactly your playfield folder name (+spaces) . So Alderaan Orbit.


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Thoughts so! thank you RexXxuS!

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