Autoiminer cores

talked to Jasch yesterday as seem’d to have lost my am cores, replied with ‘nothing i can do’, read the forum’s and Jasch re-imbursed 2 ppl loosing their am’ cores in the ocd… O.o

Something against me o.o !?!?!

The ocd did get bugged. You can always cb:reset 10 cores and 20 minutes to rank.

That’s not very fair of him is it Gareth. Speak to @TinyDewDrop I think he got loads last night from the mission.

Was taken care already. Was a missunderstanding.


I don’t have/had loads because I gave them away. I got a few spare autominers (not cores) which are basically my own cores that I didn’t care to place anymore on the planet.
I also said a while ago that I suspected my cores from being deleted/lost but I had no proof and then a while later again/ I was not 100% sure either so I could not PM/post about it. There was another guy in global at the same time as me who suspected the same though. Now it seems verified and hopefully fixed (don’t need my cores back btw).

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