Automatic deposit wipe / timetable

Hi !
I have been unable to set up the time table to wipe deposit or terrain ! Tool is connected, automatic chat is working through time table but unable to get the deposit to wipe ! Icon and background are green, i’ve tried many different option in the parameter, must be doing something wrong !


do you use the full or lite Version (so are you running the tool on the server?)

Keep in mind that the wipe is done by the game and is only executed after the playfield is loaded the next time. If the playfield keeps open, nothing happens until its unloaded and reloaded.

I use the full version ! I reset the server, this should reload the playfield no ?
Yes the tool have been installed on the server (im with GTX)

Capture d’écran 2021-06-27 150847

GTX, as far as I know they do only sometimes support eah.
If you want to use that command you have to set it on the master timetable, not form the client/slave. See the master Tab under Functions.

Also make sure not to use Repeat every minute :wink: but I understand that this might be just to test.

Yeah it was only a test haha ill try it on the master tab !! Thx a lot

Using the right timetable fix it ! Working now !! Thx a lot ur the best !