Autominer core?

Sorry if this is obvious, but I only started playing this game 2 days ago.

I see automining devices everywhere, but I can’t figure out how to make an autominer core? (yes i did unlock the BP for automining device 1)
Some people said I should’ve started with some, but I didn’t have any on start?

You did have 10 autominer cores on you, along with all the stuff that was present in the escape pod when you started to play. You couldn’t have survived alone without getting the stuff from the pod…

wow I can’t believe I didn’t look in that stuff.

Sorry about that, never looked at the escape pod stuff

… Wait.
So you have just been roaming the starter planet picking berries and generally being a hobo? That is FANTASTIC! you need to make a youtube survival series chronicling your adventure.


Talk about doing it the hard way…

if you type these commands in chat, it will reset your character (0 xp) and allow you to re-loot the escape pod:

autominer cores are only available from the market and random loot in POIs otherwise.

We guardians get an autominer core in our supply pack because we are so nice people…

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