Autominer cores lost in OCD

I mistakenly put my 10 Autominer cores in my OCD when patch 5 first came out; this was before the rules were published, and they have been removed due to new rules. Can I have them back please as I wasn’t aware of the rules until it was too late.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
[SFG] Mark

Hey Mark,

you can get them any time. Just not put.

Have fun and happy new year.

Hi RexXxuS,

How do i get them? they are not in my OCD, so the command ocd:get:all doesn’t work as they are not there??

Can you explain how to get them please?
OSG [SFG] Mark

Join the club. Existing autominer cores before the new OCD 6-7 rules were suppposed to remain there but some that were put in recently before the tool-change disappeared (as did some epic weapons). This was not intended behavior from what I understood.
Hardest part is to prove the loss with OCD items…

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