Autominer "griefing"

Shortly after the server came back up…within a week or so…I put down 8 autominers on Moruf in the Vualema system (SMbh) on each of the aluminium deposits. I hadn’t been there in about a week due to real life stuff and went there this morning.

1 of my autominers was completely gone from one of the spots and someone had gone to the trouble to dig a huge hole where I’m guessing it was. There are several autominers from someone now in that spot. 4 of the deposits were completely mined out…autominer was there but after getting refueling and getting about 4 aluminium there was no source left and my autominer shut off. I’ve pulled all my autominers (7 since the one was deleted I’m guessing from the person who dug out so much it collapsed?). There obviously is no reason to do this except to be a jerk. I wanted to make the admin aware of the issue.

We would need more information to investigate this.

Most of the times are unaware new players that dont know better and deplete the deposits… also there is no restriction on how close another faction autominers can be placed so no need to remove someone else to put yours so highly doubt any griefing involved

one of the many drawbacks of a single player universe being dumped in multiplayer :frowning:

I highly doubt any of this was malice or intentional griefing. most new players see a resource and have no idea when you zero it out, it doesn’t respawn.

I didn’t put this in as a ticket because I didn’t figure there was anything admin could do about it (I didn’t witness whoever dug out 4+ autominers and it could have been anyone frankly…not just whoever has put all the autominers in place now). It has happened to me on 2 different planets now though this season (1 pentaxid deposit for the other one).

I am frustrated that it happened to me as would anyone else I imagine. I posted so people could see it…in case it was on accident so they’d know to stop.

This isn’t possible. Autominers aren’t subject to structural integrity. They stay in place when the ground is dug out from under them.

Other players also don’t have any way to interact with them, so not sure how someone could have griefed it in any way possible.

So someone mining the deposit couldn’t have made it disappear.
And players can only destroy them on a PvP playfield.
Sounds more like a game bug or something rather than any kind of griefing.

perhaps someone decided/was forced to play hide and seek with zirax drone behind the Auto Miner, that is the only way i have witnessed AM gets destroyed in PVE space

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in game chat and the HWS discord are the best places for public messaging. i can almost guarantee the “culprit” will not see it here. this specific place is for getting community and/or admin assistance with the many wondrous bugs…i mean features we experience :wink:

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