Autominer Offline and Exploiting Reminder

Hey guys,

just a short Info and reminder.

First of all, the Autominer is down for inspection and should be soon up again. Please exuse the trouble.

Second: An honest player told us an expploit about the autominer, and we are very thankfull for that. Though there are a few exploiter out there and they got cleaned out and banned until 6.0.

Therefore again a reminder:

  • Please let us know when something is not working right. We will reward you for it.
  • But if you exploit something and dont tell us you will get banned and cleaned out. And next time not just until the next Alpha Version. So save yourself the trouble and start playing fair. We dont care about how much was exploited and how much you worked hard for… Exploiting is exploiting. No one in our community wants to play with such people.

Wow, kudos to the honest player!!

Makes me wonder if name and Shame is appropriate for exploiters so that folks like me in the trading industry don’t take dirty goods.

Just a thought, probably a bad one.

Autominer is online again and should work as usual :slight_smile:

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nah… I also feel they should be publicly disclosed (name of cheaters)…or at least the name of the faction they were in, because they can change names and be clean again.