Autominers and infinite ore

So, I just wanted to ask the admins here if the planetary auto-miners are indeed allowed to run bugged, mining a deposit (infinite ore) even though the deposit is bone dry (no ore visible and a big hole in the ground)?

I do not know if that bug was ever fixed, but I do not recall ever seeing anything about it being so. So I just wanted to ask and get a definitive answer.

Hello @Dedzone

some call it bug, some even feature. Voxel deposits were never meant to be depleted in Alpha 5 for example.

Auto Miners are removed naturally with surface / Deposit wipes though. But you can craft them…

I agree though that resources which can be get too easy without challenge or task is not good.
The OAM is already a very powerful feature you need at least Auto Miner Cores which are either expensive or only available in POIs.

I still keep Voxel Deposits over SSOR Deposits in HWS 9 but I will change the ingame Auto Miners.
One big change in HWS 9 as a teaser for example will be in general “Trading”.
There will be a lot of items which can only be gathered by Trader A at a far location and sold at Trader B for a very good price. You have to find Trader B first though.
Some items can be used instead (Auto Miners), some are just “Trade items”.
Let’s see…


but for now! It looks like as long as the deposit says 100% the miners will keep working on them!
Yes, a bug, but so is the 100%!

My only thing against voxel deposits…