Autominers gone, hydro/oxy gen all gone

Logged in today and all our factions auto miners, hydrogen generators and oxygen generators were gone, anything built underground was filled in with dirt and had to be dug out again, but structure remained. Server hiccup or were we griefed?

Well, its kicked me in the nuts. Almost my entire base is underground along with my SV, I put some hours in. I logged in saw the mess and lost all motivation to play. Its a great server and indeed a great game and I love what you’ve achieved but for the moment this is one glitch too many for me for a while.

But then you remembered that this game is alpha and we are game testing volunteers? :slight_smile:

Albeit paying game testers, but out main goal is to test the game while it’s being developed.

It’s not a very intuitive mindset to have, and not one you would normally have while playing and enjoying any normal game, but i find it helps me in dealing with bugs and strange things happening when playing “in development” games.

It’s interesting to analyze and observe what is going wrong, while it’s going wrong; what we’re the circumstances when this bug appeared or did i do something that could have trigger it and if so, can i reproduce the error?
When something goes wrong and/or destroys what I’ve spent hours building, with this mindset it’s easier to roll up the sleeves and start over.

But maybe that’s just me :slight_smile:

Fully understandable.
We can only try to improve this in 5.0 with different planet layouts. We play around the bug so to speak.
At least till it is fixed.

Nope, its not just you. I maybe should clarify my comment as I’m not a Noob throwing the towel in. I have 660 Hours in Empyrion, with around 60 of those on the HWS server. Ive experienced glitches and bugs galore and believe it or not, in some cases they’ve created the most memorable and fun experiences (having to rescue stuck friends, stranded vehicles, regain XP to use your old stuff again etc).

Im well aware its in Alpha and am still enjoying the game immensley. I enjoy being a small part of the HWS community and I think what Rex and his team have achieved with this server is utterly awesome and is a great experience for any Empyrion gamer. The support has been great and theres no criticism from me to be dealt here, only respect.

So, the point is, my underground base is full of dirt and I really cant be bothered to dig it all out after spending so much time digging it in the first place. So … Im having a break. Im going to spend some time in Creative, creating a PVP ship that isnt an unimaganative cube. Was that a dig? (Pardon the pun :D)

Ahhhh RexXxus, you beat me to a reply! :slight_smile:

Gotcha! I spent a whole evening digging out an underground base with a huge hangar once, it has kinda deterred me from doing anything that requires a lot of digging again :slight_smile:

Aye, me too!! lol

Looking forward to it!! :slight_smile:

Yes all generators, miners, etc. are gone. Also the deposits refill themselves (terrain resets) with dirt but do not replenish ores so your miners on deposits that were depleted are perma-lost until next patch.

Underground bases had this glitch since at least 2.0 but now that we have autominers players will notice this old bug more.

A couple of months ago I pasted a base in the direction I wanted it. (should have checked in creative) It pretty much all spawned in a mountain. Gutted was I but then I thought well it might be cool. Spent about 4 hrs digging it out. When it fully collapsed on me ahhhhhhhhh

just thought I would share that.

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