Autominers in OCD in 5.0

Someone told me that @RexXxuS said that autominers will be deleted from our OCD in 5.0… But I just stocked up on a lot of them (for obvious reasons). But I can’t find this post. Also we don’t even get the resources back for it? It just get’s deleted from our OCD?

And of course autominers will be useless anyway when players deplete all deposits with HV’s.

They are gone.

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You should just believe me @TinyDewDrop not sure which post it was in but Rex did reply to someone and said this. Doh might as well throw my am away lol

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I’m glad someone told me that because I didn’t check that topic anymore. Please add it to the anouncement.

Okay so I put them all in my factory and use the donator benefit to transfer the resources from it into 5.0 then.

Yes Gunslinger but I always prefer official statements above rumors or players who heard something from a PM/another player or perhaps misread something. But thanks a lot for that because I almost lost a lot of autominers.

read again.

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