Autoturrets not firing

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What happened:
=> I entered HW System and spotted 2 bases in space. I had a look and because they did not fire at me and they were RED bases I shot the turrets off one of them assuming they were out of fuel or something like that. After about 10 minutes Paxxo appeared in a CV and started to fire at me. I was in an SV so I withdrew. At that point Flicky started to accuse me of exploiting a bug I was not aware of. He said that Autoturrets were not firing on an enemy. I told him that I did not know this, but, of course he did not believe me. Others on global chat seemed to not know about this bug so I am reporting it here. This was my first trip into EU PvP space this season so I did not know anything about this bug.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Everyone?

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 11:45PM

=> HW System

Structure Name(s):
=> RED bases in space - I do not remember the names

Structure ID(s): unknown

How can we help you now:
=> I do not know whether this is a server bug or an Eleon one so I have reported it here. Autoturrets need to be fixed so that they will fire on faction enemies

same post as … Ba & Cv not more shooting on Enemys :stuck_out_tongue: but he got right hope u can fix it S a p @ rexxxus & jascha its horrible that no one reported it and Aeonbug is the first :frowning: thanks for it Aeon :blush: and 1 player knows this bug ! Politary he said that he killed OPG base but they not fireing so that bug is since today sry for exploit but after yesterday all is posible with that s9 broken mechanics v.v

@Senor_ODD_of_Flicky since this bug is a PvP game-breaker I needed to report it as soon as I realised there was a bug there. My apologies for taking one of your bases apart, but I genuinely did not realise there was something wrong until you pointed out on global chat that the turrets should have fired and Paxxo’s CV turrets did not fire either.
Hopefully this bug will be sorted out very quickly, because PvP will be a waste of time otherwise.

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all cool bro but why the other players not report it sooner its not cool =( so i wasted place bases :frowning: but i do not will now use that bug and kill bases i hope it get fixed sap = soon as posible cause it kills complete pvp :frowning: wish you good night aoen ^^ hope we fight us that session again :smiley: without bugs :smiley:

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Should be fixed now. Please retest :wink:

Thanks Flicky. I’m sure we will be fighting soon :grinning:

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