BA set to homeworld server faction?

Hi, our base on the EU server - Peacekeeper 3 now belongs to the homeworld server faction. We had the warnings about making it less than 700 devices and got it down to 685, however it still got switched to this other faction. Any chance of getting it put back to TO_ or at least the materials in the storage back?

We identified the “bug” and try to adapt our limit forcement feature to it. Changed faction back.

My hero, thanks for such a prompt response!

Hi, I have faced same problem in elemental market orbit. In my CV core was set to Homeworld Server Function. I was there for look some spaceship. I dont know what I did wrong. Please explain my mistake and give me my CV back. My faction is KYA.
Best Regards

Hello evrenonder and welcome,

the rule 4.2 ( - Slide 11) is a very serious rule. Parking ships in Elemental Marketplace is forbidden. It is only meant for trading.
So your ships are seized.
Either pay half of your RP or half of your bank credits to get it back.
What you prefer?


I prefer bank credit.

Thanx for your help.

Please leave the system if you are done trading.


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