Back after 3 years

Ok, I´m back after almost 3 years away from empyrion. Got my CV with steel plots, O2, no radiation and 25C temp (at least on debug view). Result, dead plants. Am I missing something or Eleon didn´t fix that yet? Unbelievable. On the other hand great improvements on HWS, congrats to Rexxus, Jascha and all comunity. I´m only missing garage ships on HWS+. Any idea when? Anyway, great server.

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Welcome back Andre! Nice to see you back. Thanks for your kind words.
Can’t comment right now on your leak issue but most of the times something is not sealed. If you press N and check in debug the oxygen, you maybe find the leak?

And the Elemental Garage ships are coming once things have settled a bit and we actually have nice candidates to go into sale :slight_smile:


perhaps there could be another building event; :wink: