Backpack taken 25MAR

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What happened: Was going to attack drone base on Lawless Hq. SpearHead And Wartitan showed up after my SV lost its fuel tank, so i went back to get another to continue. Got back through the tunnel i made and they were attacking. Went up to see it what the base looked like. They claimed i took stuff but my inventory just had my stuff in it, im sure they saw when they picked it up, but they said i was greifing them? when they had a ship there and i shot at a door. the most i did
Player(s) with issue: xPx.^Joey^Bob, Spearhead[Axe], Wartitan[Axe]
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 3:45 Hawaii Time
Playfield: Lawless Hq
Structure Name(s): Drone Base
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: refused to give it back after i died 30 seconds after repsawned to go get the backpack back. i just want the 999 gold ingots back. I thought it was illegal to take other bags on Pve.

Hm, it was ok of AXE to raid the POI because you wasn’t there as soon as they arrived. So you had no “claim” right for that Drone Base.
Even though you started already on paper in this situation you came after them, so you shared the POI. Dying there would mean risk.
But stealing in PvE itself is against the rules, indeed.

Only returned the gold back.

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