Backpack taken

Was fighting drone base with Ceteris at M31, got killed, backpack dropped.
Went to get some more weapons, buddy stayed.
Then he said some guy came there.
I went there, he was shooting at aliens and backpack was gone.
this is the guy:

M31 is pve, so as I understand it, he shouldn`t had taken the backpack.


From what I see in the rules, it’s only illegal on the starter planets.
Admins, please let me know if I’m mistaken.

From my point of view, you take to POI what you are willing to lose.

Also, for your information, I only took your friend’s backpack, the one with the rocket launcher.

Why people must go as far as they can to bend the rules just because they “can” is good example of humanity.


I don’t really understand what you mean. In all other games I played there was no rules about not taking stuff from someone dead. And according to the rules on the forum for this server, it’s only forbidden on the stater planets/orbit. If it’s in all PVE, please let me know and I will return the rocket launcher.

It would also be nice to clarify it in the rules if it’s not only on starters, I find it a little confusing.

Actually you can be right cdd, could some admin confirm it please?
Even if you can, its not cool, when people are still around.
If allowed elsewhere, besides starters, then I apologize.

Hey Thomas,

Let’s settle this, I will give you back the epic rocket launcher and 20k for compensation. Let me know by PM/Discord where and when.

Admins, could you still please clarify the rules?


Ok, we sorted it out.
Thanks, cdd.
Though could some admin still confirm the question?

Phrasing currently is PVE (STARTER) Planets. So currently only against rules if taking pack on pve origin starters.

I would fix the issue by not having pve planets at all :smiley:

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