Backpack theft in pve continues

If dropped backpack after death is public in PVE planets, griefing will continnue. Dunno whether it s global or HWs can fix it.

I had my backpack stolen 2 days ago on Guardian starter planet, while me and lots of people were raiding the alien drone base (only base on the planet). I asked the guy to return my stuff - and I can tell it was a rich content after looting aliens - but the guy ignored. Just pure griefing and opportunism. I mentioned that on global chat, no answer.

His name: something like Rasid, member of a known faction on NA server (I can come up with the names soon, just have to go online, forgot it now).

I noticed other complains about that same behavior and sort of mediation to “punish the griefing”. Is it really possible to recover my stuff? How can I proceed? Will backpack looting become banned in PVE planets?

In what way is this griefing?

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First, it s PVE, not intended to have players taking advantage of player.

Not fairplay, opportunism, not intended as a way to play, as several guys are working together against an enemy. And, well, not everything legal is correct, honest. I agree it s a game, but it s not intended to be played like u wait guys to die in order to get their stuff, like a vulture. well, I accept that it works like this, but does not seem OK to me. If other people disagree, too bad, I can t help them about character.


BEGINQUOTE "Yeah this can be discussed now from different perspectives but on PvE the focus should be on no griefing. I exchanged at least the epic weapon and he is guilty.
He could have at least responded or give a bit back. We had this scenario already in HWS 4 and 5.
Griefing per definition on PvE was this decision.

And not giving all back. Lessons learned hopefully"ENDQUOTE

I don t mind anyway, just regret.

BTW, I do appreciate reiterated HWS’s principle of “civilized community behavior”, which is beyond just “doing whats allowed to do”.

Especially on the Pirate starter this is hot discussed.
But on Guardian that is not fair play and if I would have the correct name I can set him guilty - at least till he tell me his point of view of that situation.

HWS NA serve, Guardian starterr: Unfortunately the guy is no longer appearing, at least when I m logged in, so, difficult to provide the exact name until I see him. He probably will change steam name so I can have to check that too.

HWS NA server: now here there is a serious problem in Guardian starter planet. Some guys are really spoiling the game and preventing other players to have fun. They simply stay put around POIs and bases, and wait for other players to start the raid, in order to get backpacks.

They do not raid, do not interact, do not die, just exploit this situation. Remain around waiting for a backpack.

Result: you have to stop playing or raiding until the guys deconnect. IT s really a spoiler exploit. They r no there to game, just to parasyte other palyers.

Their names: “Ching Chang Chong” and “Homeless” whatever; forgot the rest of the name, but there is no other player with “homeless” in his name. There was long discussion on chat yesterday as around 9 other players were being disturbed by these guys. We could not follow the regular playing.

True that some other players supported that exploit, which is no reason enough to justify it.

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:5, topic:5890”]
But on Guardian that is not fair play and if I would have the correct name I can set him guilty - at least till he tell me his point of view of that situation.
[/quote]I still believe that Eleon should correct this. It’s always been a problem but never as noticeable since 6.0 with so many starter-deaths. Give server admins the option to enable/disable x minute backpack protection for playfields.

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Rexxus, I gave 2 names: “Ching Chang Chong” and “Homeless …”. Thanks.

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