Backup and restore


I recall that the tool use to backup the save directory of the game as well. I see now it only. Backups the tools files?

Secondly the game deleted an sv that a player was busy building. Wanted to relocate core and sv disappeared. I can see it lab led deleted and inactive under structures. Is there anyway to restore it?

The tool backups the whole save game or if you want only the structures that are needed.

Just Set the according timetable entries:

  • Backup Structures (no restart needed) backups all structures.
  • Backup (only as subaction with a restart). Backups the whole game folder.

But you could maybe get the ship back by getting the Shared folder of that ship (ID in the name) and use the Structures:Load from Folder function.

Thanks Jascha. Wasn’t aware it needed to be a subsection. Thanks for that.

In the end I got it back by creating a clone :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jascha another question on the follow up on this.

SO when i created the clone, the original returned after the daily server restart.

So now there are 2 of the SV"s both with the same ID… one is in the old play-field (and it is on and shooting at me when i approach as its in PVP area) and the other one the player continued modifying and is at his home base in another play field .

Admin helper only shows the one ID code and the area/location of being in the players new playfield.

So i cant destroy it via EMP admin helper as i assume it will destroy the latest version.

If i go to the old one in the old playfield and destroy it via console, do you think it will destroy both as it shares the same ID?

ok, went ahead and tested…can confirm deleting the one in the one playfield does not effect the one in the other playfield.


sorry was gone last week.
That looks strange. But then the game did not see the ship anymore or the playfield was never loaded since then. The tool only gets ships on playfields that were loaded ones. If it has no entry of the old ship it would still create the new with the new id. There should be never a situation where the ID might be duplicated… strange.