Backup OAM while upgrade EAH? (1.5.10>1.6)

Hi, May I know which file I should backup to keep all existing user OAM settings (level, amount, fuel, etc) before upgrading to 1.6? and one more question, How to change Ice from RARE resources to Normal? Thanks.


the Config folder contains all data and settings. But if you update EAH or (automatically by the game) then the config folder stays untouched. So nothing will get lost.

About Resources No clue, sorry. Rex does it on our side.

I have to reinstall it via a mod loader to from the server, not from the game itself. I guess i better keep the backup especially the OAM setting. Would you please advise which file / folder I should keep the backup to keep OAM users status?

Further, I tried to find the (Blue Crystal) with those config file but still not sure what to modify for changing it from RARE to NORMAL, any clues? Thank you.

As I said. The config folder in EAH is the one you should save. It contains all settings and data from EAH.

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Thanks, I will try later this week for the EAH upgrade.

Anyway, I still don’t find there to change the “Ice Block” from RARE to NORMAL settings. Is this hardcoded? Since I remember in HWS RE server, Ice Block is NORMAL but in my server with default settings, ice block = RARE.

Any clues? thanks.

Sorry, as said

Sorry, now I understand. No that is at the moment not possible. Its harcoded

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