Bank account before logging in for the first time after a break vs after logging in

Tried to post about this on a different thread I made but the topic got ignored, before I logged in I had, for example, 90 credits and after logging in I have 76 credits. I checked hws connect before logging in for the first time in months and it reflected the 90 credits.

To be fair, send me 14 credits so you are back to where you should be.

: )

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Are you sure you want to speak about 14 Credits? If so, well you earn it faster then us looking into it.

It was an example, it’s closer to 14 million. Didn’t want to use hard humbers :confused:

Well please use then our Get support template so that we can look into it.
As mentioned in other threads, all other Support requests will not be looked into, because it just takes to much time to ask all the questions to the answers you left out.

Thanks for your understanding.