Bank Heist Mission Seized My Inventory


---- NOTICE FOR HELP ------


Went into bank heist mission, when it closed the instance it took my inventory with it.

  1. Epic Rifle
  2. Epic Minigun
  3. 30 canned food
  4. Stack of 999 Gold Ingots
  5. 602 Gold Ore

and some other random things

TIME (cb:time): Around 18:15
PLAYFIELD: Golden Globe/Elemental Bank Heist

:expressionless: I thought it is fixed by now… I will recheck now and gave you the inventory back.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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aah, hold on, wait!

I tested it… it works, you come to the Bank and can do the mission. I understood you got warped to planet randomly again :expressionless:

Well of COURSE this is how the mission is working. Like the Top Gun mission. If you are not good / fast enough you lose your inventory. Or do you expect that you have all of your weapons etc. when you are doing a robbery and the police is catching you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… this time it’s that… next time it is also stated on the sign above the stargate that it is your risk you take for that big reward.

Ha ha, I thought it was the bank portal… lol

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