Banned all of a sudden

My guess is that it’s similar case to Banned :(

I see no way I can prove that. If it were an exploit, I could forge client-side logs as well and whatever other info I might posess.
I mean, of course I didn’t use any exploits, but if I did, I would say the same.

I wonder what’ “a high number of 1 item” actually entails.
Cause I’m mass producing reactor cores atm :stuck_out_tongue:

As a trader and a big fan of OCD, I’m lucky I won’t ever have this problem.

Based on my case, you’re safe up to several stacks of them. Wouldn’t like to disclose the specific item before unban.

Well we have every item in the list and this item is not common to have in such a high amount.
Adjusted the tool since I guess it was made legally.

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Just don’t hoard hundreds of expensive items like constructors, thursters or generators.

Thank you!