Banned and banned

So i get banned twice today from the language junk system, i mean if i am talking in faction chat the system should not ban you just because you are talking some shit with clan mates, and after you get unbanned, the warnings should be reset, not ban you again if you accidently say f*** once, the language system has been taken way to far in my opinion, this is an rage game and people should be able to rage in the right goddamn way!

Indeed :stuck_out_tongue: we should even get rep point the more we rage in faction the better :smiley:

I agree that the chat filter is pretty annoying and the worlds that it filters are really really tame. I mean - seriously. Shit? Shit is flagged? Shit. Really?

Can we tone down the chat filter from protestant church to maybe uptight kindergarten or maybe even middle school so that saying shit and fuck doesn’t count as an infraction?

Lesbian is flagged by gay is not.

Chat filter is hilarious and should stay the way it is.

Hmm, interessting. I´ve never triggerd the chat filter. Maybe because i can watch my language and know how to behave?
Why dont you use Teamspeak or Discord if you need to talk like a bunch of 12 year old ghetto kids?

I don’t think you’ve ever talked to a 12 year old ghetto kid because I can tell you that not a single word they’d use would be picked up by the chat filter.

I have to agree with Thran -> :bear: that in faction it shouldnt be filtered, i think thats upon faction leader to kick someone if hes speaking like sailor and others dont like it.

Also i agree with Whizz that its not that hard to use only 7 nasty words a day, I like that you have to save your swearing for rage situations.

And i think that global should be filtered otherwise it wont be nice reading. If you can, switch it off for faction and keep turned on for global.

My 2 cents…

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You do not have enough rep to swear

It’s so fun to see empty chat with warnings to thranir

Might be possible soon, but sadly not yet.

We know the chat filter is ridiculous :slight_smile: but at least it keeps that chat a bit more professional :wink: sind people are afraid of the word “BAN”

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So my ban was finally over, and i got banned again for saying that my faction members sv’s had the most “shitest control”

comeon wtf is this, atleast i should get my warnings reset…

i take them out, give me a minute

Thanks Jascha! people like me wants to play also :smiley:

Ok done. Just behave

seems that i am still banned on hws connect cant do anything on there :confused:

Still not? It might take 10 minutes until he loads it again

Its fine now :slight_smile: Thanks