Really? Im okay with a profanity filter in general chat, but i shouldn’t be banned for talking to the one other person in our faction because its using “naughty” language no one else can see.

Since the telnet doesn’t let us filter different chats all are the same.
You are not the first one who get taught a better language :wink:

Maybe one day we get more Telnet options, even chat to direct people as a server.

That is all well and good but now because it didnt switch out of game to steam chat for 2 seconds, i get a 3 hour ban? im holding all my factions mats in my bags while they cant do anything except wait hours for me to come back. it also doesnt reset the warnings? Again i appreciate the filter and its purpose but this seems very excessive and hindering. I understand you cant separate chats, and i would understand a 3 hour ban if i was intentionally doing it in general but this is a little ridiculous because of oops.

The filter get reset during your playtime. So you have 7 at the beginning and after 0 it will refill 1 per hour.
But the ban duration increases.
I can lift the ban a bit but maybe try to avoid easy language like

,plots should be in cargo
kk fuck the rest

Our language is way more beautiful to describe “kk skip the rest” :wink: