Banned just now

I was banned just now on HWS i’m not sure why I was banned but I have an idea.

Basically I noticed that when I was moving all of my stuff from my base to my cv that a couple of boxes didn’t get emptied of supplies, so the 50 or so food I got from someone turned into like 999. I didn’t think I would be banned for this, but I think its completely rational that I should be… it was an exploit even if it was a really dumb obvious one, I should play fair instead of taking advantage.

I’d like a second chance? I’m used to playing games and if a glitch happens its like bank error in your favor. With the market and what not in the game its completely understandable that I shouldn’t have looked at it like that.

Again, i’m sorry my first reaction was HOLY SHIT I WON THE LOTTERY. I would like to please have another chance as ive put tons of hours of playing on the server (only came back after months hiatus).

My sincerest apologies for the exploit. It wont happen again.

  • Icywata

at least you came back here and stated it.
Unbanned for second chance but not a third time.
Have fun.

Thanks for the second chance! Wont happen again.