Banned not sure why

Username is Drizz, me and my buddies got wiped out by some clan called Ban, got a server reset to phobos played about a half hour today but server kept crashing no big deal assume its the new update. But I come back to a ban till September 8. No warning when I was in the server on what I did wrong and no explanation once I tried to log back in. I did pick up a backpack but ive had friends on the same planet and server do the same thing. I understand a warning if I broke any rules but a week immedietly is a bit much.

It was most likely and autoban the admins will unban you

Hey drizz
Since you duplicated your Starter inventory three times it was a dupe ban.
If you could tell us how you did this we unban you easily.
Via pm if you want

Hey RexXxus thanks for the reply. I thought I had only picked up one but it seems it must have been 2 Backpacks. I had been killed twice by raptors from a weirdly far distance so I think it may have duplicated my first starter items and I found another set. I had never read the rules until the ban but I suppose I broke one there, wasn’t my intention to break the rules or exploit anything.

My in-game naem is narkog today i was playing and i raided a big base on earth that takes me a lot of time and now i see im baned till day 15
why is it?

Narkog: Go raid unfairly ammo draining again