Banned With NO reason, NO crime Report...only have 1 Offense on RECORD

Hey, few days ago i was punished for being rude…but since then i didnt say a word…
I dont understand why i was just banned, after i was already issues a warning about the other action…
Since then i didnt do anything at all offensive.
Also nothing under crime report…
Please tell me what happened…

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I unbanned you… you have quite a lo t Iron… Our toll did not like that. I wil change that

Was the tool automatically. We wouldn’t just ban you without letting you know why lol.

The tool is sensitive… She has trust issues you see :smile:

While emptying my resources from boxes, i was banned and told to contact the admin.
I obtained my resources fairly over weeks of playing and hoarding them…please check logs…
I want to make a big ship and hoarded over 2million iron…
I am trying to put like 1mill in but i got banned…by the system again…
Please unban me…thank you

=( lol i have to much crap and it banned me again…like 1hour in, i was trying to put more resources in from my boxes and the system banned me again =(

Hey says
You cannot connect to the server
Auto-Ban by EAH tool
Talk to an Admin =(
Still Banned =( Just tried going into the game =(

Sorry. I protected you know until i fix it later
now itr should work.

Im banned again =(
I dont know whats going on

What are you doing to our tool GG lol. Should be OK now


plus i play a lot cause i am a streamer, u can google my name =)
and i hoard resources to make cool stuff during streams lol

I also hoard like nuts but I never got these problems. I think it also takes playhours into account and it may not be finetuned for T3 autominers yet. You could have half a million ores with < 2 hours of playtime.

  • level to 20 super fast < 30 minutes.
  • get/borrow T3 autominers anyway you can.
  • place them on all starter planets and logout. login again and after collecting you are probably banned.

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