Hi there,
I was on the Moon looking for Neo to build a CV, when i see a random backpack on the ground, with no one on radar i land my SV and open it - it has a t2 drill and some ammo inside and i loot it.
No sooner i close the backpack i’m kicked from the server with the message “banned”. After relogging: it says im banned until the year 2101 AD?

I’ve not broken any of the server rules: i’ve not looted any bases nor attacked or killed any players, i’ve had no warnings, past nor present off any server admins during my entire time on this server, and i’ve had no animosity or drama with any of my fellow players.

I can only postulate that this is a glitch in the admin tool? as an 85 year server ban seems a little extreme. :smiley:

are any admins able to clear this matter up for me? Thanks.

Hey Xenias,

thanks for reporting that! Of course I unbanned you - that was a mistake yes :wink:
Sorry for the circumstances.

Hi Rex,

Thank you for addressing my issue so swiftly, it’s very much appreciated.

See you in game.