It says I am banned from hws in the connect website.
I was banned 4 days in a row for “language” but i was still able to use web site. now i am unbanned able to log in to game but not site. please help bc i cant ocd my ocd. thank you!

Hey Rezzy my excessive language filter tester :wink:

to explain the mechanic a bit: if you were banned you are marked as banned in the tool. the tool export data to xml and I parse the xml to the website. As long as the tool don’t get updated data it stays like this.
So either you login once to update the status so the website updates too (cause you are not banned anymore)
or you wait till jascha comes back from vacation and he implement an auto updater of not updated data from not the game but from file timestamps.

stilll says banned from web site :frowning: i just hope all my stuff is being transferred lol

fixed it and will tell jascha :wink:

Basically: IF the website is down or something like this happening: your data is NEVER lost. The website is just a book where you read stuff. The author is the server. :wink: