Base and vwing gone

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Went to base location no base
Player(s) with issue: Smally
Time (cb:time): Over weekend
Playfield: donor Proxima Centauri
Structure Name(s): Smalls base and vwing
Structure ID(s): could not find not in structure commander
How can we help you now: Please find out what happened and restore base and ship.

Hey, I can’t find any base or ship with something like that name.
Could you be more specific and separate the names?

Not sure of names I usually but small in names base was smalls base or smalleys base I don’t think I named the vwing because I just bought it on Friday. base missing over weekend not sure when. There was a surface wipe on Saturday on this planet maybe had something to do with it

Sorry I can’t do much without any name or ID.

I screenshot the ID as soon as I buy any garage ship, or put an AC in something. I would recommend all do the same.

Good advice Grizzly Not sure why these things are not showing on structure commander. our donor planet gets surface wiped every sat I thing the bases and garage ship got wiped at same time u would think the admins could find that out

ah I think I found them. thanks for truning me into the right direction.
They are not in the structure list anymore but the logs had them:

|584478|07.04.2018 23:28:23|Base|Deleted|Smally’s Base
|877375|07.04.2018 23:28:23|Base|Deleted|PKA Pad
|5273313|07.04.2018 23:28:23|SV|Deleted|Fury I(Recycle)
|8131294|07.04.2018 23:28:23|SV|Deleted|V-Wing

All destroyed by a drone. (Probably the base and the rest was deleted with it.)

To restore them it would cost you around 12mil Credits and 10-15 RP

Just need your ok.

Yes those are the ones not sure how drones destroyed them The base was armed and I had a Frankenstein garage ship sitting on top of the base that was armed and always on with no damage to it. I think it was a glitch and u should restore without charging me

I lost my v-wing to a server crash and your hordies swarming it, if you lost yours to Drones and nonsense, then I should get mine restored for a price as well. :expressionless:

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the base the drones destroyed had a alien core was always on and was armed. I have seen drones stuck in the ground so I think it was a glitch or bug. If it was a normal drone shooting from the air the ship would have destroyed it please restore!

Drones are sticking in the ground all over and shooting up our stuff with impunity. I just put it down to alien phasing tech and deal :slight_smile:

Sorry, but for drone attacks its only for a price. You have to make sure to protect it, even if drones are bugged as everyone knows.
Otherwise we would have tons of requests for this.

ok go ahead and restore

Done for 10 mil and 10 RP

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