Base berried by terain. one 1 side of planet and not the other@?

hi, rex.
So i got to my base on ??? im not going to say where but i think you know where we share a planet with mad
anyhow gareth has a base there under ground and his base if fine but mine has been berried by the terain. and im having to dig it all out again. elfas said somthing about going into orbit to reset it and i may come back with out it being covered. could this work… could you undo the treain in my base? If so plz could you give it a try if not then it means me having to spend my time digging again instead of helping new players out. it has taken me 2 days so for okay not all day for 2 days but the spare time i have had to play the game has been spend digging and i still cant dig out certain things as the terrain is behind it.
plz coudl you help
andrea mda

Hey Andrea,

good question. There was no terrain wipe or anything like that. Maybe a new way of bug after more than 5 weeks runtime.
Really difficult situation cause your turrets are now under the terrain and will be removed if not dig out.

Sadly I can’t transform the terrain in a way where your base is free again. Very weird.

my turrets didnt get berried but the inside of my base did
it dosent really matter now too much as the new patch is commign in.
just wondered why my base lol. and now swp has attacked so dont worry about it
thanks though