Base,CV.SV etc all deleted o.O help!

So logged in today after about a week (i moved home i had no choice it was a nightmare not being able to go online!)

Anyway, my base, sv’s, hv’s etc were all deleted…here look!

Now the HV’s cannot been seen on here but they was attached to the CV under the names “guns” and “more guns”

Little help as to why this happened? and…i had lots of materials on the base and about 5000 gold :frowning: sad times…

Hey, that is what was announced about the WipeTime. It is 7 days now. You have to visit them in that time to still be recognized as “active”.

So thats it? ive lost all my stuff and nothing can be done about it?

Also here: you guys asking me what and why and I answer. If you would have asked directly if I can restore it that would be something different :wink:
You assume to fast.

Since it is quite a work you can choose what deleted stuff you want to be replaced. That is what I can offer you

Rex, you da man :heart_eyes: so it’s the Base CV and two svs that I care most about and obviously the stuff inside the ships etc, is that something that’s possible? Like gold etc

Base CV or Base, CV? So 1 or 2?

Ah sorry, it’s the Base (ba) I’d 2905010, the Normandy alliance, the t-rex! CV and the small vessel (sv)

so…any update??

Hey, sorry for the wait.
The problem with the base was that we can’t easily warp bases like we can ships. So the backup didn’t work.
But I placed a lovely home for you and helped you a bit out there.

Just make sure to “visit” your stuff in between 15 days.

Have fun

Aw i lost so much :frowning: but thanks had a look should get me going!