Base deleted on GG

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**What happened: My GG base shows powered on but deleted in Structure Command. Event happened when I was logged out.
**Player(s) with issue: roboo
**Server: EU
**Time (cb:time): Jan 14 18:31
**Playfield: GG
**Structure Name(s): Bunker6
**Structure ID(s): 13195318
**How can we help you now:
Was base deleted by admin for some rule breaking? Was it deleted by player (raided) while I was offline and, I assume, with Online Protection On? Thnx

Relevant logs:

Empyrion logs, time is UTC (logout / login):
14-10:40:04.256 12_40 -LOG- Disconnect clicked by user
14-18:35:06.681 20_35 -LOG- Connected to server. Game name: ‘HWS 7’. Loading playfield Eden…

Last Proximity log activity (time CET) from HWS connect:

|14 18:31|starsyborg|OPG|3|Golden Globe|Bunker6|

|14 18:28|Spawn9114|OPG|4|Golden Globe|LeMole|

Structure Commander entry:
Bunker6 13195318 COPY Golden Globe x x x 11 8667 1 True 26567 2 21:56 114 2186 True

it was destroyed by the player mentioned in your Proximity Log.

Ok, Thnx, Guess thread can by closed.

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