Base destroyed

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What happened:
=> half of the base randomly destroyed

Player(s) with issue:
=> 123

=> HWS EU | PvPvE |

Time (cb:time):
=> happened yesterday at 19:00 CET

=> Planet Eden

Structure Name(s):
=> Base Bugged 01

Structure ID(s):
=> 23969629

How can we help you now:
=> Tnx for all your great job first of all.
I m a brand new player on your servers, and i have taken a look on almost all your guide without find anything on that. Yesterday i have placed a base (ofc once it was on green) after some minuts like 30 more or less half of the base got destroyed without any raison explained on your manual wasting all of my work to build it. that s was pretty sad since i can t spend lots of hours playing due i m a worker =P is it possible to:

  • explain me what and why happened
  • possibibly fixing it without let happened again?
    -would be great … anyway tnx again for all your job. you are letting this game far better :slight_smile:


welcome to the server.
Could you let us know what you mean with destroyed? Did it crash (with sound) like when it got red), or did it just vanish?
Where you on that playfield while it happend or close by?
How does the destruction look like. could you paste a screenshot? (Am on A10.6 at the moment)

hope this will explain the situation better then my words =)

have u tried relogging?

i did many times

hey and good morning,
looking closely this looks like you’ve been building without the debug on (default N key) -structure density.

with this tool u can see which parts of the base are safe and not by colour coding… green - safe, red - bad (about to collaspe), its the same concept of spawning it in… if not done correctly, adding or just placing something can collaspe it.

apart from that idea, only other reason is drone attacks…

When i’m online hit me up and i can check.


Sound possible you know? the base was ok at least i have placed one more block.

I didn t know anything about the default N key (debug on). So probably it wasn t a bug but my mistake can say that certanly.

Even if i know is not conventional maybe, can i ask after you check it, a little help to fix or refound it? i know maybe i don t deserve it, i ll be more carefull on my next times

You tried to build a Space Station on a Planet

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