Base disappeared on Mars [resolved]

I set up a base on Mars last night (Friday) but it has disappeared. Unfortunately it never showed up on HWS so I don’t have an ID. I also placed an Emergency Water Generator and Survival Constructor which are also gone.

My character is still standing at the location of the base - O/W: 2397, Height:27, N/S: -975

Look at >> top right side.
You can see planet wipe times there.
Mars is a planet that gets wiped every now and then, don’t build on planets that get wiped would be my advice or at the very least check the wipe schedule.

Thanks SkyHighiatrist, Mars is a starter planet so to get off it you have to build a base. Starter planets wipe on Friday morning and Monday morning so it’s not a wipe. Some base that were near mine are still there, though others have disappeared.

I should also have added that this is on EU server and the base was marked as belonging to my faction, COT.

It seemed strange that the base never showed up on HWS Connect. I was mainly using it to generate oxygen so it was very small, just the basic things like fuel tank, generator and constructor.

I’m happy to start again but if this a bug or new policy to wipe bases for some reason then there’s probably no point.

First off I’m not an admin, I’m just trying to clearify things.
Also friday/monday morning? That entirely depends on your timezone compared to the server really.

If all seems to be well and the dissapearance did indeed occure after the wipe, then I’m sure an admin will drop in as soon as possible.


there was no wipe yesterday. Next wipe is on monday.
You remember the name of your base / ID? Was the base smaller than 10 blocks?

Hi Rex, thanks for replying. I didn’t get around to naming the base (but will straight away next time) and didn’t see the base in HWS Connect so didn’t get an ID (is there another way to see ID?).

The base was probably less than 10 blocks. Which makes me think it was wiped because it was too small (same for constructor and water generator)? I remember that I have read that a log time ago so that makes sense :smile:

How long until small objects are wiped?


There is another way to see the ID:
type “di” in console and aim at the structure.

Structures with less than 10 blocks are wiped after 7 hours of not being visited.
Oxygen generators and alike don’t get wiped. However, other players can disassemble them, including PvE worlds. As for survival constructor, I didn’t have a chance to test any of the above.

Interesting, I didn’t think others could take your survival constructor (o2 generator). They both disappeared before the base, probably after I’d been away 2-3 hours, which seems to indicate they were stolen. But my intruder logs don’t show anyone near my base (which was next to both) in that time.

I’ll make sure I look after them better.

Thanks for help with the ID, Veber.