Base Exploded

I just built a base from a blueprint, and it exploded, i did not know about structural integrity, can i get the resources back? I also had my whole donor resource pack in there also possible to get another one?

Name of Structure - Base (BA)
Structure ID - 12443002
Structure Type - BA
On Playfield - Prediction
O/W position - -3108
Height position - 34
N/S position - -809
Device Count - 0
Block Count - 0
Deleted - false


if you didn’t place it on flat land and respect the structural integrity the base can explode. Sorry there is nothing we can do about. Next time please press and hold the N key and check the SI visibility option.
I refunded one res package though.


Thanks Rexx. I guess it pays to read the Forum. I was wondering this whole time I played this game to to see the SI. :slight_smile: