Base in Donor Space has been re-spawned on its own everything missing

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What happened:
=> TAW Main Logistical base seems to have been deleted and replaced by either admin or server? Power was off and it seems as tho it was “fresh spawn” as it was from day 1. This base is not place able by us as of the class size so could only be a back up or manual. We noticed it is now leveled with environment (holding “O”) whereas it was not from the beginning of the season up till now.

Player(s) with issue:
=> TAW

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Feb 5th 03:07 when it was noticed anyway…it was normal a few hours before this

=> TAW Empire

Structure Name(s):
=> TAW Industries

Structure ID(s):
=> 76067

How can we help you now:
=> We are missing all the contents of the cargo boxes (119), both faction and personal boxes so very unclear of what exactly was in them, all ships are off their orientation (because the base is now leveled) we are working on this with “get ship here” will advise if any lost. Also the 2 portals that were placed there are now missing and do not have their connecting points.
Guess we are hoping to get mats back and portals realigned or have the structure restored to what it was 18 hours ago.

Hey @ICE

sorry for that, my mistake.
After that ticket here:

I reconfigured all time table entries, found issues and finally made sure that all POIs and Deposits on every playfield are gonna be regenerating.
This “All” wildcard was working as you can see. Your “POI” got regenerated = loot lost inside.
I just forgot that your space base was set in the playfield.yaml.
Anyways, I excluded your pf for future regenerations and restored it from when it happened (11pm yesterday)

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