Base is gone

We (BLA) had a base on Neptune that disappeared today/yesterday called ‘northern defense’. It completely disappeared, so I assume this was server initiated (and not destroyed, as we also had no log of that base getting attacked, though I did find multiple deaths from Hazard (FMG) from my HVs parked on the next island).

The weird thing was that I refueled it a few days ago (Sunday), so should not be targeted by the server because of inactivity.

I am not too worried about the base itself. If something went wrong and you can easily fix it, be my guest, but otherwise I will take the loss. Just want to understand what happened and if I could do something to avoid next time (e.g. maybe refueling does not tick the ‘active’ box for deletion or something)…

Thanks, Mari

Can you give me the ID’s or Names of the missing structures? Then I can look into it.

ehh, Northern Defense

:grimacing: thanks… where were my glasses again…

hm it was touched 2 days ago, so now server wipe.
Strange enough I dont see any info about attacks or that someone destroyed it.
It just says it “decayed” acording to the server. No Info about other player or structure attacking it.
Maybe a drone / SI? really dont know thats wired.

yeah, I could not think of a logical explanation, that is why I posted it here. BTW, Something similar happened a few weeks back on Neptune where somebodies base mysteriously had disappeared (post from Niewitch).

If you can restore it easily, that would be nice. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. The base was just turrets, nothing else.

Wondering if this is the same thing that ate my Slaughternaut on Gabriel? No record of that disappearing either.

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