Base Limit Level 4?

Building a base on a planet and the class limit is listed as 4. So we built a class 4 base (“Rekt” # 3004028) We started to get warnings that we would loose it because it was too high. We took some stuff out to get back to a class 3. Why did we get the warning? Can this be corrected?

I am happy with the size 3 limitation, for SV and HV it should be limited to size one.

Would also resolve the size3-border-to-size4-invincible-SV-monster-cube griefer tactics.

You are one of the people ruining the server, asking for changes after changes were just made. It was just dropped to size 3 now people want it even smaller. Never will please spoiled brats that get their way all the time, this guy was asking for help not asking what the size class should be. God bless these forums are redic and the server is taking huge hits/changes because of this forum. @Dexter168 the real reason that happened was because you have to spawn it in as 3 and then build up to size 4.

Class size needs to go up, not down. More people would be attracted to the server of class sizes increased, as I have seen quite a few new and returning players log in and see max class size 3 and say in chat “class 3 that’s it? Looks like I won’t be here for awhile”.

This happened, I witnessed this happen. If you want class 1 only, then keep begging for it, but I can guarantee the active player base on HWS will shrink quickly.

Size is currently class 3 and adding another block to it prompts a warning that it’s above the class limit.

What planet is this on, and what server?

Why class 4 ? My main battleship is class 3 and already has 3 full armor layers in all directions. Size 4 or higher is pointless as my guns would long be gone before anybody can break my armor. This would only lead towards endless “warp in fight repair come back” battles… super super boring.

The same is valid for bases, you can easily place everything in a size 1 base…including super large landing platform. Size 4 would just mean more armor and lengthen fights and causing lag for the HWS players.

HV/SV should really be limited to size 1, my SV Borg size3+ monstercube is just stupid, can take endless hits and is super ugly.

If you can not accept that you certainly will after you have met him xd

all I was looking for was clarification. I’m fine with a class 3. The description said class 4. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another.

Again, what description says 4? Which planet are you even talking about?

People can’t actually help you if you won’t provide all the details.

I’m all set. No assistance need, but thank you for asking

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