Base lost on 5.1 update

Hello, our faction lost our base on the trader starter planet.

the base was a simple loot container base with constructors that was currently crunching resources to get ready to leave the planet before the wipe.

i currently dont know the amount of resources lost.

The base ID is: 10877084

Was it larger then 10 Blocks/Devices?
If not its an automatic mini structure wipe of the game.

The base was made of 17ish blocks.

that might be the reason… sorry

how does a base with >10 blocks get deleted if the its meant to be <10 blocks that determines the breakpoint?
And with that a HV was removed at the same time, one which had well over 42 devices.

No drones were on the trader starter after the “surface wipe” the POI’s were still taken over / mined out and some players have experienced the same thing - so surely there is a better explanation for it?

not sure right now but i think it has to be 10 Devices. ot blocks. Have to look that up.
But both you lost before this mornings starter wipe or?

alright, so i just double checked my notes and the base was on 21 devices 21 blocks.

the base was gone after i logged in for 5.1, i had been on earlier to check the status of constructors.

Ok I’ll check that in detail then

We lost one on starter as well, one of the new guys was there before the wipe. Saw the base myself, way larger than min. It is gone along with the dozen or so ships I mentioned in a different thread. Could this be due to the same update bug?

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