Base on neptune completely gone

could someone please explain why your base has completely gone from the server. after all rules had been followed

What faction and server?
Also when did you see it last?

tom faction / traders eu server Neptune planet

thanks for the response

and last saw it yesterday

I responded to your pm as well. Ill put the same here for reference. That planet is pvp. Are there any other traders that are not allied around?

yes but they hadnt destoryed it as its just vanished

I took a brief look and something strange/bad happend there (bug not player). Will have to look in detail later.

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thank you so much Jascha

we had multiple bases vanish on us on iceworld. Gonna start keeping track and sending logs

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Yes… vanish :wink:

did you hack my shit ?

No, but I might have dropped something on it… who knows :wink:

what part of planet wipes on 5.1, did you not understand…

does it contain iron i need iron

I can deliver some steel plates to you if that helps.

planet is filled with that already

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