Base on Zion Vanished

I had a base on Zion. Probably a week or less since I was there. Completely gone. No big deal but had a ton of resources there. Any way to retrieve?

Would need more details bud, which server, base name and ID you can check your structure commander see when you list visited the structure, after 9 days server auto deletes inactive structures. It’s also not very likely you will get the full amount of resources if you get any, don’t think what was stored inside can be proved.
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I believe it was called Manticore. Doesn’t show up on structure commander.


Next time more details please.
You did not touch that base for 9 days. Therefore it was automatically deleted.

Hey Tarkus,

This is easily checked on HWS connect on the structure manager. Simply find your structure and look at last touched days. Anything 9 or greater will be romoved.

Hey, no problemo. Not like I have a mortgage on it. At least my ex-wife won’t get it!

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