Base Preventing Mining

Talked to an admin ingame, he told me to PM an admin… I don’t know how to get an adminlist at this forum so :wink:

I took 4 Pictures (Overview, 2 Mining preventing and Info Pic)

Planet: Guardians Starter
Basename: Base


As new User, i only can put 2 links in it, if you need the ore pictures, pm me :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s easier to create a stickied Thread :slight_smile:

Base 2:

Preventing IronOre:

Also took an Ore Blocking Picture

Im not an admin, but i would guess whats going on is they are trying to discourage folks new to the game who dont know better yet from drilling out the resources from the planet. Instead, you’d be best served placing an Autominer there and reaping the unlimited ore it would produce over time. Once the deposit is gone, im not sure when they will be doing resource wipes again…

Not saying its right, wrong ore indifferent (har har), but honestly, its in your best interest… If its a real faction, they might even pay you in ore for your trouble… :wink:

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Thanks i move the bases