Base problem, needs relocate in same playfield

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I placed space BA in wrong place
Player(s) with issue: Write grownmcgavin
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 2/3/2018
Playfield: Freelancer Home
Structure Name(s): Space Face
Structure ID(s): 21032077
How can we help you now: I put a lot of resources into spawning this base, and did not realize that the solar energy collectable was pretty much useless at the distance from the sun I am at. I am hoping you will please allow it to be pack (or deleted and give me a new BP) so i can relocate it in the same system (PvE, no worries about impacting other players) closer to sun and use solar energy. Thank you!

Distance to the sun doesn’t matter. You need to make your solar panels face the sun, watch the small lights on them, only if you get four lights on both sides you get max efficiency.

directly facing the sun and i’m only getting 2 lights.

I actually tried placing them every single direction possible, i did get some weird angles that gave three lights, but they still only generate 1kw of power. In the forums I’m seeing distance matters. I just don’t know what else would cause this.

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